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Window-S is Singapore’s leading importer, exporter and distributor of high quality adhesive films.
We carry high-grade Solar Films from USA like the Safety Films, Light Control Film, Reflective Films, high performance light tint films (Sputter Series) and the extremely high IR rejection films (X-IR Series). The films are branded under Protect-3 , and have been widely sold in South-East Asia and increasingly in Asia region.

New Innovation - EasyOFF & SuperStic!
EasyOFF is a specialized adhesion applied onto our film to allow fuss free & cleaner removal. They are highly suited for temporary usage like seasonal advertisements or...
#211- The Latest Frosted Film with a Sparkle*
Introducing the newest design to the sandblast series, #211. The main feature of this new model is the glittery effect it produces, especially under lighting...
X-IR Series (X-IR 40/70)- Infrared exterminator!
99% Infrared rejection! It is the highest possible value for infrared rejection...
We have moved!
Our new address:
2 Bukit Batok Street 24
#03-14 SkyTech
Singapore 659480
Tel: 68993988
Fax: 68993969
Infra-Red Rejection ≠ Heat Rejection [ Read more ]

Window-S Solar Films: Condominium/Commercial approved films [ Read more ]

Window-S adhesive films have many applications. See our project reference to find out more. [ Read more ]

Infra-Red Rejection ≠ Heat Rejection

Approximately 50 % of the heat we feel is attributed to visible light while the balance 50% is to infrared radiation. To block off external heat effectively, considerable amount of visible sunlight and invisible infrared light must be eliminated when considering window solar film.

Window-S Solar Films: Condominium/Commercial approved films

Major property & estate management and architect firms have approved our solar films (Sputter & XIR Series) for use at properties under their management. These series of films do not change the façade and outlook of the glass when installed, in order to ensure uniformity on the outside.