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easy off SUPERSTIC

Window-S is Singapore’s leading importer, exporter and distributor of high quality adhesive films.

We carry high-grade Solar Films from USA like the Safety Films, Light Control Film, Reflective Films, high performance light tint films (Sputter Series) and the extremely high IR rejection films (X-IR Series). The films are branded under Protect-3 <Protecting you, your health & wealth>, and have been widely sold in South-East Asia and increasingly in Asia region.

Our Window-S Sandblast Films are distributed worldwide for its high quality (thickness & surface texture), wide range of colors, varying opacity and different adhesion strength for specialized usages. Our constant innovation in our products has made us the preferred brand worldwide.

Window-S also carries a wide range of patterned films for window decorations, and colored stickers for advertising usages. We constantly update our products range with new colors and designs to keep current with the market.

Window-S Printing Media provides the market with an economical yet reliable alternative. The full range comes complete with different lamination for specialized usages. We have been distributing to several of Singapore’s leading large format printers.

We provide add-on services to our products such as high quality solvent printing and plot-cutting. We also provide professional installation services on-site, at appointed glass factories or at our in-factory clean room.

We believe in R&D in order to stay ahead in the adhesive film industry. We are constantly looking to provide the market with new solutions or alternative with our newly innovated products. Recent innovation includes EasyOFF, a specialized adhesion applied onto our film to allow fuss free & cleaner removal. They are highly suited for temporary usage like seasonal advertisements or window coverings for vacant and renovating commercial units. SuperStic adhesion for film is also specially formulated for the extra adhesion strength. This is useful especially useful for cut stickers in forms of text or graphics being installed in public areas, where the extra holding strength prevents the film from being easily pulled out.

Window-S imports and exports by container loads

Proper storage away from humidity & direct sun coupled with right storage equipments ensure the quality in our products

Large storage capacity ensures high availability in stock