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New Innovation - EasyOFF & SuperStic!
EasyOFF is a specialized adhesion applied onto our film to allow fuss free & cleaner removal. They are highly suited for temporary usage like seasonal advertisements or window coverings for vacant and renovating commercial units. SuperStic adhesion for film is also specially formulated for the extra adhesion strength. This is useful especially useful for cut stickers in forms of text or graphics being installed in public areas, where the extra holding strength prevents the film from being easily pulled out.
Introducing the newest design to the sandblast series, #211. The main feature of this new model is the glittery effect it produces, especially under lighting. It is suitable for use in cut sticker for shops front, display counters or shelves, where under suitable lighting, the stickers will be bound to attract passer-bys. Some common usage for the film is the White Christmas theme. Homes can choose this new model in place of the usual frosted for a glittery change.
99% Infrared rejection! It is the highest possible value for infrared rejection. The X-IR Series make use of latest technological advancement in film coating in order to achieve such high specification. It is the top of the best!
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